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Top Blender Experts Website is the following:

Please read and follow all instructions & guides provided by companies, the retailer, the manufacturer, or the manufacturer's representative, including carefully reading and following the safety instructions and usage instructions that are found within your purchased products, warranty, packaging, and/or services.

​All material on this website, including but not limited to posts, articles, pictures, videos, products, and services is provided for your information only, and it may not be construed as safety, medical, dietary, nutritional advice or instruction.  You should not take action or inaction based solely on the contents of this information.  Each individual has their own limitations.  Therefore readers should consult with safety experts, nutritionists, physicians, licensed healthcare providers, and other health professionals on any matter relating to their safety, health nutrition, food intake, drink intake, medical care, and their well-being.  Readers should also consult with veterinarians and pet nutritionists for matters related to their pet's health, safety, nutrition, food intake, drink intake, medical care, and their pet's overall well-being.  The information and opinions expressed on this post and website are believed to be accurate based on the best information available to the authors.  The information made available through this Top Blender Experts website should not be relied upon when making safety decisions (personal or otherwise), and the information should not be relied upon when making nutritional, medical, veterinary, or other important healthcare decisions.  Your use of any information anywhere on this website, post or article does not create a doctor-patient, dietitian-patient, nutritionist-patient, veterinarian-pet, professional-client, or similar relationship between you and Top Blender Experts.


Please note that some equipment might only work on the 110-120 Volts power range that is the North American standard (USA & Canada), unless specified otherwise.  These may not work in other parts of the world which carry 220-240 Volts outlet power, or a similar voltage.

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